LOON Limburg between rod and throne
A thousand years of the County of Loon

Secondary Education

History lessons on the Middle Ages mainly focus on the County of Flanders and the Duchy of Brabant. The Limburg region – part of the Holy Roman Empire – is very often overlooked.

The study of the Middle Ages is an obligatory item in the history curriculum of the third and fourth forms of ASO (humanities). But other forms will surely benefit from a more profound study of local history as well.

With this exhibition of nearly 400 objects, the Historic Study Centre Alden Biesen and the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen will help pupils to get acquainted with the Counts of Loon, the Prince Bishops of Liege as well as daily life in both city and countryside.

This low-threshold exhibition provides captions in Dutch, French and English.

  • €5 per ticket.
  • €70 for a tour guided by professionals in French, German or English.
  • Teacher-guided school visits are allowed.
  • Reservations are obligatory via reservatie@1000jaarloon.be
  • An individual app-guided tour with assignments can be downloaded for free on your own smartphone (in Dutch only).
open van van 11 tot 17 uur
26 oktober 2018 tot 10 maart 2019 landcommanderij Alden Biesen